"A New Relationship to your City"

Introducing Marilyn

Marilyn excites and unites people. She helps people navigate uncertainty. She mobilizes and moves people forward. She is a mother, a Canadian Forces veteran, and the first Blackfoot woman to run for Calgary City Council.

Marilyn’s refreshingly honest and direct approach to challenges has proven that she can get things done. She was part of the citizen advisory committee that produced the White Goose Flying report, the local response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls to action.

Marilyn is solution-oriented, she is an evidenced-based decision maker and she approaches every situation with incredible compassion. She is a prominent voice for inclusion, racial equity, safety an sustainability in the arts community, the non-profit community, and as a member of the Calgary Police Commission. Now, she is running for City Council to help build a community and City that can recover and thrive. Her sights are set seven generations into the future.


"Calgary can and will recover. It’s time to come together, to support each other, to invest in our future and come out of this a better place."

Creating New Opportunity

Secure investment from other levels of government and new industries to diversify our economy.

Support and stimulate local businesses to bring vibrancy back to our communities and our city.

Investing in Calgarians

Work with the Province to ensure stable funding and services for our most vulnerable citizens.

Enhance and remove barriers to services and provide stable, quality affordable housing options for all Calgarians.

Invest in services that Calgarians rely on.

Building for the Future

Maximize Green Line benefits for Ward 7.

Revitalize our downtown core and support development of our Culture & Entertainment district.

Ensure public investment in projects that benefit all Calgarians.

Invest in our future mainstreets in Ward 7 to grow and enrich our communities, local business and cutural vibrancy.

Create new jobs through training in innovative tech fields.


"The decisions we make today must keep future generations in mind for the economic, environmental, and social well-being of Calgarians."

"Saving Calgarians money, growing our economy, and protecting our children’s future: by focusing on building an environmentally sustainable future, we are doing all three."

A Sustainable City

Invest in the incredible, existing communities of Ward 7, rather than subsidizing growth at the edge of the City.

Revise city tax model so Ward 7 receives the best value.

Restore the City Charter and get a Fair Deal for Calgary so you can get the value for your tax dollars and the sustainable services you deserve.

A Green City

Take advantage of federal investments to make our homes, our infrastructure, and our transportation systems efficient and resilient to climate impact events.

Support Calgarians, homeowners, and businesses in the transition towards more environmentally sustainable ways of living, including expanding the Fare Free Transit Zone and incentives for energy efficiency retrofitting.

A 21st Century City

Invest in technology to ensure ease and transparency when accessing City services, for Calgarians and Calgary Businesses alike: better apps, clearer processing of business service request.

Investing in technology to ensure Council Hearings and public consultations are easy, accessible, racially sensitive, and welcoming to increase civic engagement for all Calgarians.


"To know where we are going, we must remember where we have been."

"Reconciliation is about restoring and establishing a new relationship with our city. City Hall can and should be by the people and for the people but we need trust to do that."


We must understand, recognize and preserve our heritage and the history of this land. Moving forward means recognizing our past.

Invest and implement identified to engage Calgarians with the history of this land; HR training for all City Employees, School Site Commemoration, Build new Friendship and Healing Centres, Renaming and monuments.


We must implement the recommendations of the MMIWG Inquiry Report, the White Goose Flying Report and the recommendations of the Anti-Racism Action Committee to restore trust in our municipal government.

We must reestablish trust with our City Services, including the Calgary Police and engage in meaningful dialogue to ensure all services are best serving the needs of all Calgarians.

Support the addiction and mental health strategy, the Community Investment Framework, and the Anti-Racism Action Committee.

Enhance Language and translation services for the City of Calgary to establish and maintain better communication with citizens.

Reestablish relationships with Community Associations, Community organizations and private or non-profit service providers to enhance governance.


Create racially-specific programming in Libraries and Recreation Centres to encourage Indigenous, new Canadian and racialized group participation.

Improve educational and employment gaps for Indigenous and racialized Calgarians through a youth Mentorship program at the City of Calgary to share opportunities and expand the horizons for Calgary’s underrepresented youth.

Implement Principles of United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People.